Tempestuous Affair by

Camila Chix

 4.44 (297 votes)

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Joined in Мар 2011

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2 Март 2015
The red sweater and black pants fit her very well. Camila is the kind of chick you like to go with to the club and dance all night long.
Joined in Мар 2009

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2 Март 2015
That is really too much for a human male. I'm peechless. Camila is the personficaiton of sex. Would give her half my fortune for one night, and I'm serious. She is too right in every cm of her body. from her pretty tiny toes all the way to her beautfiul long blonde hair, she is iresistable. What makes this card even special is this take off of shoes she does in almost every clip. Want to kiss her toes. Love to look into her eyes. Am really melting Camila, plz have mercy. I'm on fire........ Welldone. Please Totem, as I requested before many many times to no avail, is it possible we have her strip while wearing a bellydance outfit? She doesn't need to do belly dance if she doesn't know how to, but just get her to wear bellydance clothes with an anklet on her lovely long legs, and take it off slowly. That would be heaven on earth for me.
Joined in Окт 2013

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4 Март 2015
Good show, clearly above average but none of my favourites. Too much bare feet clips, even the ones with poledance! Still a solid card to have.
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