Dark Angel by

Anissa Kate

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25 Февраль 2015
This is one of Anissa Kate's best cards so far as she wiggles and jiggles happily for the camera. Her striptease is very good here, as she plays with the lingerie given to do some fun, revealing things before (or while) shaking what she's got.Few women are as perfect as Anissa, with her big natural breasts, great build, exotic look, and dark raven hair. The black lingerie adds to this and accentuates her bust line and beautiful booty.A really awesome card, one well worth getting and highly recommended.
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6 Февраль 2015
Another great card.Thank you Totem.
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27 Июнь 2016
Love Anissa. She looks great and has some much appreciated hair down there. One of my fav models here. I hope she comes back at some point for xxx show.

Totem was smart enough to give away this card for free, I can't remember what exactly I did to get the promotion but it worked and got me hooked after I tried the program :P
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