Red Velvet Cake by

Anissa Kate

 4.64 (430 votes)

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4 Февраль 2015
And again a wonderful and seductive show from the amazing Anissa Kate. Lots of poledance performance, a breathtaking red dress and as if that weren't already enough: Every single clip is pure high heels action, she never takes them off, not for a single moment! I JUST LOVE YOU FOR THAT Anissa and thanks for a great show honey!
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2 Февраль 2015
Vraiment belle! Merci Totem.
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3 Февраль 2015
WOW!! I love this red dress on Anissa she looks sexy hot in it. And her show is just as great as the other but to me better. Over all I rate this card at 9.8/10 for me. Thanks Anissa Kate.
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