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Ria Rodriguez

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6 Декабрь 2017
First, I have to say I generally dislike the "sport" category...just models dressing up in generally unattractive outfits.

But Ria's card is different...she actually participates in "sports" ...hula hoops and rope jumping. She shows off her athletic body which includes toned legs and a nice ass.

I would suggest she drop those ridiculous fake eyelashes.

A card worth buying!
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13 Январь 2017
One of my favourite cards! Entertaining and not just because she is ridiculously hot also because she looks like she's having fun. I love the sneak-apeak loose shirts. Ria, you rock my world!
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26 Июль 2016
Ria's body is ridiculous, you can tell she hits the gym with her toned legs, arms, back, and stomach and bubble butt booty.

Unfortunately, I can only rate her 4 because she falls under the most disappointing category of "Girl has amazing body but doesn't know how to move it"
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