Ambitious Woman by

Anissa Kate

 4.68 (595 votes)

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9 Май 2017
She's her to do the job and boy did she do it!!!

Thanks Anissa for successfully overheating the computer in my head...okay there's not really a computer in my head...but nevertheless a spectacular girl with beautiful skin tone...and amazing breasts!!! wO_Ow (love the bush too)
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29 Декабрь 2014
"Ambitious Woman" is much better than the other, simultaneously released show "Bourgeoise Libertine", which I only gave a 9/10. This show however has everything: A sexy woman with curves to die for in stockings and high heels. Poledance clips and an enterteining and seductive show with a very good balance in clip variation (for all of you naked feet lovers: There's even one clip where she shows bare feet). Great outfit, great performance, almost no explicit finger rubbing stuff, perfect eye contact. She smiles a lot and really seems to enjoy herself. Thank you for a perfect show, Anissa and thanks Totem Team for providing it to us!
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19 Декабрь 2014
Anissa Kate is a perfect 10/10. Can we please get more cards from her?
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