Bourgeoise Libertine by

Anissa Kate

 4.7 (553 votes)

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26 Декабрь 2014
Well...I am indeed a little ambivalent on this show. Don't get me wrong, Anissa Kate is a goddess, no doubt about it. The outfit is sexy but in my opinion there are too many taskbar clips which start already half naked or even naked so you don't see the full outfit very often. And I do love the fact that she never takes the stockings and the high heels off. She's wearing them during the entire show, not a single clip with naked feet. I LOVE THAT!!! But then again in two or three taskbar clips she's rubbing a little too much for my taste. I don't like this finger action very much. And the whole show's got not a single pole dance clip. Man this a tough one to rate this time!
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19 Декабрь 2014
Great ass, great boobs, great hair, great legs, great lips, great bush, great face, great moves, great hips... Actually, I don't know what isn't great in Anissa's cards. Just perfect! I didn't excpect it to be that awesome!
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20 Март 2015
Kate Sei Stupendamente Carina Donna, Tuoi movimenti sono molto stimolanti e erotichi, Qualita profesionale hai nell sangue, poi il vestito, lingerie e stockings in black ti danno splendore estetico, niente da dire qui si Ammira, ma me sembra che arriva fine dell Mondo perche si vede che Angelli scendono sulla Terra. Con Te nell Paradiso non mi anonerei per tutta Eternita ;) Cordiali saluti da parte di MrAlladino. Vai avanti cosi, Sei generata per essere Angello.
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