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Samantha Bentley

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3 Октябрь 2014
I'm sad I have to give it a 9 because of the bad sound quality. The performance is great. Another nasty British girl with a wonderful bush and dirty talk. They know how to tease a man, for sure!
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20 Сентябрь 2014
Great performer.. very sexy and definitiely knows her way around her body. The only thing I'm complaining about is the sound on certain clips that is fiull of staticy distortion.This ruins some of the best clips.
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12 Август 2018
It's possible Samantha has the prettiest eyes in porn. She also is one of the rare women who looks better with bush than without. Thank God she keeps that beautiful bush. She brings it in this show just as she does in her films. Enjoy this gem!
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