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Aika May

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28 Март 2018
Aika is another Czech beauty with a stunning figure & terrific body. Pretty girl. Beautiful hair. Lovely figure. Lovely breasts. Beautiful legs. Adorable butt. Gorgeous pussy. Great little outfit!

This is yet another superb show… perfect quality sound & vision. It’s done in beautiful natural colour!

Aika moves with elegance, sensuality & eroticism as she delivers the most astounding performance I’ve ever seen. She oozes sexiness & femininity.

Love how Aika willingly spreads her legs apart to freely expose & rub her pussy lips & clit, & penetrate her pussy with her fingers! No other babe does it better!

This show is all about Aika giving her pussy a most thorough & vigorous physical workout in order to achieve the most impressive orgasms you’ll ever see! I’ve never seen a babe experiencing such impressive orgasms like Aika does. It’s genuine. It’s intense. She quivers. It’s superb.

The performance is further enhanced when Aika produces her ribbed dildo. The way she slides it in & out of her pussy to achieve orgasm is sensational & a dream come true for every guy watching this wonderful display!

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3 Октябрь 2014
Aika May is overrated. That kind of reminds me of Melisa. She's a good stripper, has great orgasms but there's something in her face and the way she stares at us -no- the camera which bothers me a lot. Maybe a lack of modesty and simple teasing, which usually creates a better sense of complicity. Maybe she looks to proud, I don't know... but I'm not fond of it.
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13 Август 2016
5 stars!

Wonderful actress, and fantastic costume choice (open ass panties seemed a little odd tho) very convincing performance too, climaxes seemed very genuine, making this all the better to watch.
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