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Chelsy Sun и Linda Sweet

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15 Март 2018
This show is the "Platinum Standard" in performances! Production quality is excellent in terms of content, sound & vision, & it comes in superb natural colour.

Chelsy & Linda are gorgeous natural beauties. They have superb bodies... fantastic breasts & pussies. But what makes their performance so good is the chemistry between them. The way they interact with each other, it's like they have a genuine loving relationship & know exactly how to pleasure each other. They put on a masterclass in some really wicked fingering action on & in each others pussies resulting in some of the best natural subtle orgasms you'll ever see. Wow wow wow!!!!!

I never would have suspected this card could be so good, but my God, it is definitely the 'Platinum Standard" in performances.
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16 Ноябрь 2018
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26 Сентябрь 2014
Elles sont vraiment convaincantes ... elles traduisent bien le renouveau du jeu des actrices de DB ... moins de jeux surfaits et plus d'implication.

Merci !
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