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Jessie Jazz

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14 Март 2014
If you ever fantasised about Jessica Simpson doing herself with a nice big dildo, this is probably as close as you'll get.

Jessie is great - natural boobs, fit, and appears to enjoy the large dildo she's chosen to play with.

I haven't forensically gone through each individual clip, but I don't think Jessie does anal. That is not a negative point, however, she's hot doing what she does and it would get boring if all the girls did the same stuff in every single clip.

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14 Апрель 2015
Jessie is very seductive during her performances, with great actions and sexy moves.
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13 Март 2014
Jessie has a nearly perfect body. You will love her large well shaped natural breasts and smooth looking skin. She puts on a decent erotic show that made me very happy.
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