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9 Декабрь 2016
Lynet is as Cuban as Fidel Castro was a capitalist. Sorry folks but Lynet is from the Czech Republic, not Cuba. But do not let that detract from the brilliance of her performance here.

Lynet is not just one of the most beautiful babes but also one of the prettiest. She is a pure exhibitionist who knows how to show off her beautiful body and personality. Her performances are natural and genuine, and when she orgasms, it is the real thing.

Having said that, it is her fabulous body that is so captivating. Her face, her huge breasts, her legs, her figure, her arse, and her attractive pussy with a touch of pubic hair, they make Linet an exceptional babe to enjoy as she performs in the sexiest way possible. A great card. A great show.
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9 Февраль 2016
this girl is one of my all time favorites, great card, great curves (perfect 36/24/36) but what's up with the audio???, dear VG or DB , how about upgrading this card to HD and Fix the audio, (: and maybe an encore pleeeease!

PS,actually my best two girls on here are Linet A and Morgane,both equal Number1 spot, (both deserve encore performances)
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10 Февраль 2014
She is very sexy, alluring, and sensual. I love the manner in which she enjoys and appreciates her beautiful body. I certainly appreciate her display for us. :-)
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