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Victoria Blanc и Nisha

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8 Январь 2014
The eagerness with which Victoria Blanc has Nisha piston fuck her ass in 3 different positions obtains a "high five" from me. That alone qualifies this card as a one worthy of adding to one's collection.
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20 Июль 2014
these 2 are the perfect blend of sexy and playful. both with a perfect silky skin and voluptuous bodies. i love the dynamic relationship these 2 have. it's definitely a must have in anyone's collection. it provides hours of fun ;)
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16 дней назад
Victoria and Nisha, you are so beautiful and sexy! Your show is magnificent. You form a very great duo that has fun in common dirty games. I love it how you dildoing your pussies and anal gaps. Your pretty faces, your hot bodies and your delicious feet make me hot. Thank you for this great show.

For all footlovers: Victoria & Nisha show their wonderful delicious feet in 10 of 13 clips. Only the first short clips are non bare foot clips.
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