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Cathy Heaven и Victoria Blanc

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28 Январь 2014
The only flaw in this card is that it has no sound in most of the clips. This is too bad, since Cathy is a screamer, but she's often over-the-top, so it may not be the loss we might think. Despite this flaw, the card still rates an easy Perfect 10. Cathy Heaven and Victoria Blanc are an awesome pair.

Cathy is a beautiful sexpot with a Latina look and a strong build that supports her big fake breasts well. Victoria is a pale-skinned brunette with a strong look and big fake breasts that stand out over her flat belly. Together, these two have a great time fingering, licking, and going at one another with gusto.

A great card that is well worth the download. Very hot.
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27 Сентябрь 2014
Cathy Heaven is an awesome good performer with love for dirty hard sex and ass to mouth play.

Victoria Blanc breast is a nightmare. And no sound
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20 Май 2014
Die Mädl´s sind wirklich Geil, mit Sound wäre die Karte 10x Geiler. Schade.
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