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Jasmine Arabia

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22 Октябрь 2013
Jasmine Arabia is not new to VirtuaGirl, of course, but this is her debut on Desk Babes. She has proven herself to be a very hot, sexually-charged performer with the capability of both going solo (here) and getting down and dirty with others in duo performances.

In this solo performance, she is very hot, ranging from standard body showcasing and rubbing to getting busy with a dildo and even going anal. Jasmine has a lot of exotic appeal and her beautiful, natural body and strong sexual magnetism are impossible to ignore.

Definitely a great card and one of the better solo shows in recent times. Very well worth the tickets.
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14 Октябрь 2013
Average show. The dirty talk in French is excellent but she doesn't speak loud enough. She has a great body but the face isn't that pretty, she doesn't look very smart. In her moves I feel sometimes sensuality, sometimes hesitation. This is entertaining, with some good orgasms. But... I don't know... I'm not totally convinced.
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15 Март 2017
She's a goddess. I hope she does more in the future.
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