Breathtaking Beauty by

Aika May

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31 Октябрь 2016
Best comment AWESOME BABE! Love,love,love her!
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8 Август 2017
This is an awesome 3K resolution show by a truly breathtaking beauty in Aika May. She delivers a breathtakingly beautiful perfiormance in her super sexy outfit.

Aika is a smooth operator who oozes extraordinary sexiness as she performs. Once she starts stripping, it's electrifying. She is one sexy babe the way she takes off her stockings.

But this show is what it is thanks to Aika's stunningly gorgeous body. Her genital area is beautifully groomed. Her super attractive pussy is blessed with generous protruding inner labia/clitoral hood. And what about the rest of her? Absolutely gorgeous.

I can't say enough in praise oif Aika and this wonderful performance. Fabulous!!!!!
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25 Август 2014

Never thought a girl from DB could surprise me but Aika May surely did! She is hot and sexy in this lingerie complete with high heels, stockings and suspenders. Nice natural smile with very good "eye contact" to the camera. And how agile this girl is! Almost no sexual teasing, explicit content, or whatever you wanna call it. Some guys like it, some not. I love it! You feel like watching a strip show, not a porn movie. There are pole dancing clips, no swing or cage. Great! Once again I fell for a beauty from czech republic. Can't believe it. Czech men must be the luckiest on earth...
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