Black Pearls by

Silvie Luca

 4.38 (264 votes)

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4 Июль 2014
She's a bit repetitive: a) with a lipstick pprop; b) licking the same two fingers before she plays with herself; c) showing her tits and then turning her back to actuall remove her top.

Scale: Very Good 10, Good 9, OK 8, Below Average 7, Disappointing 6, Bad 1.

9.0 Attitude-very good. Eye contact-good. Smile-good. Expressions-good. Tease-OK.

9.8 Face-pretty. Complexion-very good. Makeup-very good. Hair-long & loose.

9.8 Figure-very good. Tan-very light or none. Tattoos-don't distract. Piercings-none.

9.0 Honey Pot-shaved. Ass-very nice. Tits-natural-a touch small-firm

10 Task bar-fully nude. Spread view-very good. Positions/movement-very good.

9.0 Pole clips-fully nude. Spread view-very good. Pole use-below average.

10 In/Out-fully nude. Spread view-very good. Positions & movement-very good.

na No swing, cage, desk, etc clips.

For those who care: Explicit contact-very good. Dancing-good. Feet-in platform heels.
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6 Июль 2014
Very sexy woman! I love her perky breasts & very hard nipples!
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7 Декабрь 2014
This girls has beautiful LARGE LABIA LIPS !!!
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