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27 Май 2014

I dont like that cage but I can live with it once in a while. At least when Dayzee is in it ;-) In my opinion she is the hottest girl on Vg in a long, long time. However, "Sweet surprise" is not her best performance but still superior to any other show that came out lately. Please more from her! :-)
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29 Январь 2018
Uh, ya, babes, you sure are a "surprise"! Before I have a chance to resist you've got me firmly locked in, completely at your mercy, eyes fixed on EVERY detail of your outragious performance, embarrassed to see how easily you've turned my dick to straining solid steel (and my arm into a fixed grip piston...) and shocked to realize that by the time you're done with me I'll be completely converted into your helpless, hopeless, jerk boy, squirming hard, knowing I'm in for a LONG "career"! Not that I'm complaining, gorgeous -- would it do me any good if I did?
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1 Март 2018
Several people have said this is not her best card but what is? This one is a lot better than the only other one of hers I have, Black Orchid. In that one she kept those clunker boots on and didn't show naked feet until the last. I wanted to see one card of hers with naked legs and feet and this one delivered.
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