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Samia Duarte

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21 Июль 2014
My fifth card from Samia and it is a disappointment! Not because of the model, but because of the poor production quality of this show. All of the clips look like they were shot through some sort of dark filter.

Samia is great...but I suggest you get one of her other shows and pass this one by!
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31 Октябрь 2015
i kinda like the way she moves in that pink outfit.
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2 Февраль 2014
La nana est toujours aussi jolie et son show est top, ceci dit j'ai mis 5 car la la qualité du contraste

(couleurs délavées) et du détourage (liseré noir) est juste MERDIQUE!!! On ne parle pas ici d'éclairer

tout un plateau mais juste une nana en 2014!
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