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20 Ноябрь 2018
I LOVE shows that uses props, like the bed linnen!
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9 Сентябрь 2017
Clip Notes™ for a1513 - Nici/Tasty Tangerine

No audio; Orange and black top, bottom, black shoes

4. 1:18- Top of Screen, No nudity; No shoes

5. 0:50- Table, No nudity; No shoes, in bed

6. 1:34- Table, Topless

7. 1:31- Standing, Topless

8. 1:21- Top of Screen, Topless; No shoes

9. 1:18- Table, Topless; No shoes, in bed

10. 1:26- Top of Screen, Topless; No top or shoes

11. 1:36- Table, Nudity; No top

12. 1:15- Standing, Topless; No shoes

13. 1:08- Table, Nudity; No top or shoes

14. 1:04- Standing, Nudity; No top or shoes

15. 0:57- Standing, Nudity; No shoes

16. 2:39- Standing, Nudity; No shoes

17. 1:52- Table, Full nudity; No top or shoes, in bed

18. 1:12- Top of Screen, Full nudity; No clothes

19. 1:34- Table, Full nudity; No clothes, in bed; brief rubbing

20. 1:11- Standing, Full nudity; No clothes

21. 2:04- Table, Full nudity; No top or shoes, in bed

22. 0:59- Standing, Full nudity; No clothes
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24 Май 2015
An Italian proverb says : "In a small barrel there is a good wine", and that is wath Nici is :))) a small and perfect hot horny body, all concentreted there, very much nice, she is so much lovely and her smile is adorable. Maybe the outfit could be better, but I hope to see more in her other cards ;) reccomended of course !!!
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