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18 Сентябрь 2014
Nici moves with a sweet awkwardness that makes her appeal that of a fresh, shy,newbie girl next door come over to strip & explore her budding sexuality!i can feel her "trying on" her sexiness..."Does this work? How about this? Whee...Oooo...!"she seems to be expressing. Being the totally gorgeous girl that she is this can work if your fantasies go along this way, being seduced by a newly sexualized babe, flush with the newness of feeling her own power as a temptress and being still slightly in awe of it!Her sweet,shy,sometimes surprised smile does much to create this experience of her as a nubile newbie.Her voluptuous body induces me to amp up a desire to play with her in all ways.The fantasy of her being turned on in ways she's never before experienced and seeing those expressions flow over her face & body is a driving force in FantaSexing with her.Innocence into sexiness with a beauty that creates desire just by being available is what you get with Nici.She's tryin'on her sexy nicely
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30 Август 2016
10+++++ rating. I have 531 cards in my colection and this young lady is the only one that I have all her cards. She is definately a must have for any collection.
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17 Январь 2014
Nici, pretty, amazing body

One of the most wonderful girlsat VG
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