Shades of Grey by

Taylor Shay

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13 Декабрь 2013
Taylor Shay is a beautiful new blond haired, blue-eyed performer and one of the most magazine-quality Virtua Girls to have appeared on the site in a while. Sadly, her great look and hot body are ruined with a bad boob job on her big fake breasts. The huge breasts with their nipples pointing the wrong direction and giant scars are less than appealing and very distracting.

If it weren't for those, Taylor would be an easy Perfect 10. She is a great striptease artist, has an awesome smile, and she's really good at showing herself without seeming uncomfortable.

A great card if you like her look, but be aware that the scenes where her naked breasts are prominent showcase a lot of scars from a botched boob job. Too bad.
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15 Ноябрь 2013
I like what I see. She is a beautiful girl, and she is quite sexily coy in her routine.
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25 Ноябрь 2013
A very sexy beautiful lady. Her big boobs are enahnced but I for one am not complaining, good card and crotchless thong just tops it off for me - yummy!!!!!!!!!

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