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Sophie Lynx

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20 Сентябрь 2017
Yep... watching Sophie sure leaves me spellbound. Watch her once and you'll want to watch her all day and all night, again and again.

First of all, I want to say her outfit is absolutely sexy-superb!!!! Secondly, Sophie is the essence of beauty... all over stunning. No guy or gal could possibly resist her seductive charms based on her pretty eyes and smile. Thirdly... this is one of the most incredbily sexy performances.

I compliment Sophie on having such an awesome looking pussy, enhanced by her gorgeous patch of pubes. It's so damned sexy, I envy every lucky guy who gets to 'pump her pussy'! Yep, I sure do!

This really is a magnicent perfromance by a magnificent beauty. If this performance came with sound, it would make it the perfect performance.
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29 Декабрь 2013
Great job of keeping the shoes on. She's flat out hot and the view of her holding her feet up and letting us look straight at her wonderful pussy and ass while looking back is lodged firmly in my mind. This was definately a 10, Thanks.
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27 Декабрь 2013
Dernière carte de Sophie Lynx aujourd'hui, elle va me manquer tout comme Vanda Lust et dire que j'étais méfiant avec la 1ere carte, tous ses shows sont excellents :)

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