Untamed Heart by

Sophie Lynx

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13 Декабрь 2013
@Shuggie, don't add comment about download problem here, it's not right place, forum is better for it.

Problem is fixed now and this new card of Sophie Lynx is super :)

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12 Апрель 2014
This card is hot. Sophie is exceptionally dressed and I love the stockings. My only complaint isn't with the indelible Sophie Lynx but with VG. This card is laggy at intervals. You would think it's my system but I'm only running 20% of my resources and this is the only card that does it.
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31 Июль 2016
Ah,, Sophie, "untamed"! Those sexy, silky panty hose, with the WIDE open access to your beautiful bottom -- especially when you peel off your panties, spread your lovely legs SO wide, then bend over -- or use the pole, OR when you're just sitting pretty on the desk -- then suddenly cock your leg up for a STUNNING view of your ass and twat! It gives ME an "untamed", impossibly stiff, erection!
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