After Sunset by

Blanche Bradburry

 4.23 (414 votes)

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29 Октябрь 2014
Ha sido verla moverse, ver su tipazo así, su hermoso culo y pussy, y ufffff, me he puesto muy horny and hard on, ahhhhhhhhhh... no he podido evitarlo. Qué fiera mmmmm... por favor....
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22 Сентябрь 2013
I wasn't expecting a lot from the preview but she drew me in with her sensual movement and exquisit interaction with the viewer. She's a very good performer. The hair doesn't work with the spray tan but I got past it. She would look much better as a brunette. I would have liked to see some more pole skills as well so I gave it a 9.
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11 Июль 2016
The beautiful girl. Perfect swinging, perfect ass, very sexy show, please more Blanche.
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