Floral Bouquet by

Lilly Rose

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24 Август 2013
If Lilly were to approach me on the street and offer to let me take her home for the night, I most likely wouldn't turn her down. I'm sure she's a really nice girl and all but, to me, she seems very much out of her league here. Her features are attractive-ish but her body is quite generic. I do enjoy her puffy areolae, however. Her expression seems to never change at all and her movements are very inexperienced and awkward.

My collection is maxed-out and I am on subscription so I will continue to add her cards to my collection. Otherwise, I doubt that I would spend credits on her...
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21 Сентябрь 2013
I like her very nice, like her puffy nipples and her creamy white skin.
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31 Январь 2016
Would be nice try to contact again with Lilly. Now she doesn't look so innocent. She is working in the Beverly Hills Club in Vienna as pole dancer.
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