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27 Август 2015
eine wundersch?ne Frau, die Schau ist gut, leider h?pft sie sehr viel , als w?rde sie sich f?r den Sport warm machen , finde ich wenig sinnlich
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3 Август 2013
Samatha has totally Bewitched me! (Sorry)

She's an occidental version of Maya Mai. Peppy and energetic-- she works and dances her heart out. It's such a great change of pace from the staring statues all over VG. Face it, we're here because the female form looks best in motion. Well, there's plenty of motion here!

Sam's still a little tenative with the explicit stuff and that's just fine. She can do a seperate set on DB if she loosens up later.

For now, she does fantastic and entertaining sets and she just keeps getting better...
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7 Январь 2015
Too much hot, wooowww she is Amazing, stunning body, lovely breasts, the way I like. Superperfect girl and great outfit too. Reccomended her entire collection, of course !!!
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