Kinky Boots by

Samantha Lee

 4.2 (382 votes)

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Joined in Май 2013

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3 Май 2017
I've had this card for an age now. Love it. Keep coming back to watch it! Wish she would make a return to iStripper!
Joined in Сен 2016

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10 Декабрь 2016
Nice big breasts, nice ass, several pantyless shot kinda bad acting, a bit hurried movements. That said, I'm giving full points to push the average up, and to vote for women with some big breasts.
Joined in Авг 2009

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5 Март 2015
Fantastic girl, simply fantastic, I like this kind of body that makes me horny right away. I can get lost in her breasts, lol, I adore them :)))Nice the outfit too, and her moves are good, card to have, I want her entire collection :)))
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