Geisha Playmate by

Miyuki Son

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29 Июнь 2013
Best comment Miyuki Son has to be the top of VG, she dances very hot/sexy and wow her eyes and smile really make my day when i'm in a bad day Miyuki always has a way to make happy. The way she moves her body is so sexy you cannot stop think about her. Her whole body and face is just perfect, she so beautiful, she like a angel. Miyuki Son Has to be the most beautiful, Sexy, Hot, She is the Ultimate VG & Ultimate Asian In the World
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21 Июль 2013
Nice to see another asian, she is very beautiful.
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16 Май 2017
Wow, I'm sure that Miyuki makes Gishas wish they had modern lace underware!

The blend of traditional and modern makes thiscard very sexy!
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