Red Is My Color by

Little Caprice

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15 Январь 2017
Vivacious Little Caprice puts on an outstanding show in this card. This brunette beauty is all class... the way she looks, the way she moves, and the way she delights us. It also helps that she has the perfect body and a really cute pussy. Lovely outfit.

Little Caprice is up there amongst the best of the best. Her show is absolutely pure sensual entertainment. She allows viewers to escape into sexual fantasy land. Great card.
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4 Июль 2013
She is one sexy, sexy vixen. I hope to see more of her. I would not mind seeing her in Deskbabe. She excude sexy like no other model I seen in Virtua. Love Caprice and I think a whole lot of people agree with me. She is incredible
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10 Апрель 2013
I bought this one faster than any card I can remember because of her iconically beautiful face. Sign her up to an international supermodeling contract, send her to the dermatologist for those few moles, get her to do some road work to bulk up the skinny legs, and keep the vivid red coming. No piercings, no ink. I wasn't happy to hear her say she's bi, but she's impossibly cute anyway.
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