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19 Декабрь 2012
This is another great performance from Ines, who really knows how to titillate. In this card, she is wearing a girl-next-door spring dress that makes her appear both approachable and wholesome sexy.

She then does her thing with it, doing an excellent striptease and body showcase that remains only hintingly explicit and very, very hot.

This card is her best so far and I'm hoping she continues this trend of sexy performances with her unique blend of approachable style and classy shows. Definitely a card worth having and a good Perfect 10.
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31 Январь 2013
With her pretty face, perky breasts, pleasantly plump ass, pretty little peach, and long flowing hair, Ines is really a treat. Another good performance from this little vixen too. I'm definitely not disappointed with this "card".
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9 Декабрь 2012
Ines Erotically enthralls me with her physical beauty that is wonderfully FemClassic in it's voluptuously curvy fulsome shape & perfect proportions.She has long,full,shapely, legs that rise up to a broad boned,perfectly proportioned set of hips with a gloriously fit & juicy pair of PuckerPillows,sweet pussy,plump,small NOT tiny,jiggly breasts,lusciously muscled back(the kind you love to kiss indulgently-long time)& a gorgeous face that would fit in at any Palace Ball! See? Enthralled!Her dancing includes lush,deeply sensual,slower seductive & quick,cute,vivacious & energetic movement.I prefer her slow,smooth, seduction, as she stretches ,spreads, & undulates her incredible,womanly body.I love the way she teases with kicking legs in that flowing dress.Even her "granny panties' work as they are nice tops for her luscious thighs.Her explicits flow from her sensual seductive focus,less directly erotic,more full of anticipation & promise.I am well CyberSeduced by her so they are effective!!
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