Black tiger by

Cindy Dollar

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3 Октябрь 2016
Best comment She is beautiful * nicely * **** Czech girls are the best **** Je to prost? a jednoduše .... ?eská krása ... tím je ?e?eno vše ... THE BEST !!!
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12 Декабрь 2011
I'll buy that for a DOLLAR!

She is absolutely stunning, beautiful curves in all the right places. Seeing her strut her magic on stage, in that a gift my friends!

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27 Март 2013
Outfit: Perfect. Moves: Perfect. Girl: Heavenly. I remember when I only was watching the demo version of VirtuaGirl and I saw that someone had gotten higher ratings than Melisa. I couldn't believe it, but after watching Cindy for a while, she brainwashed me with that body... she is better than Melisa. So, so, sexy...
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