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7 Июнь 2013
I have to strongly disagree with some comments about her outfit. Her yellow panty is soooo sexy to me. That yellow string inside her sexy crack gets me going. Wow... I love this girl. I have all of her cards. I would get more if Virtua would do more. Come on Virtua, more Kami.
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10 Март 2011
Kami As Morning Pleasure >> I'm mesmerised with the look & sensual curves of this girl, and watching her (moving or not) on the widescreen is viewing this girl in a special environment or way of living usually different from that of the preceding VGHD girls. From her photoshoots here, her inquisitive & sexy eyes, her sensual well-adorn mouth and her inviting & lovely pussy with that touch of half well-shaved pubic hair that I like, all bring her to life as one among the best assets of VGHD. One minor thing is that she has to learn to direct her focus vision to the camera whenever performing. Thus without further a do I rate her 10 out of 10.
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6 Февраль 2017
I can't believe how beautiful Kami looks. What a body!!!!!! Her performance is so natural, she comes over as a very sexy babe indeed. Everything about this card is good. And I must add that, as a pussy connoisseur, she has a very beautiful pussy with that strip of pubes ... so so sexy and inviting.

I can watch Kami all day all night. Sheer beauty in her looks and her perfoirmance. Top class.
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