Devil's kiss by

Angel Kiss

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27 Март 2010
This women has the potential to become the standart women with 10 of 10 points. Her beauty and charisma is amazing, with the perfect show and some sexy plays like fingering and more close-ups she will only be a 10 +. Please bring more shows of her, as women she is a 100 already and her show is nearly perfect.
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15 Декабрь 2016
Wow!!!!!!!!! After watching all 30 scenes in this card, it feels like having just made passionate love to this dark haired beauty.

Angel Kiss is a very very sexy temptress, sent by the devil to tempt husbands and boyfriends away from their loved ones. No other girl does it like Angel. And that sensual look on her face... it is worth all the stars in the galaxy. Priceless.

Angel is a very gorgeous girl indeed who has one hell of a beautiful body. She has wonderful breasts. The icing on the cake is her cute fleshy pussy.

Angel is most definitely the type of girl guys will sell their souls to the devil to enjoy some whoopie with her.
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30 Декабрь 2010
Over the past week or so...I've come to really appreciate Angel. And her performance. Yes, there are flaws, but in my opinion, I prefer her slow, hypnotic performance. She's slow and sweet, like honey. She's absolutely beautiful. But there's such a mysterious quality to her. I only have this one card...but I'll surely be getting more of her.
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