Jungle queen by

Olga Barz

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28 Март 2010
Improved image clarity is not always a good thing. There may be a reason why people put off dealing with eyesight that isn't the sharpest anymore as both they and their partner age - it hides the wrinkles and cellulite from being noticed across the kitchen table.

Olga is nice - implants are not obvious until she lies down, but parts of her jiggle in ways she probably would not want noticed and the belly is not as toned, teeth are not straight, and all of the other flaws that I would see of the regular dancers at my local dive strip bar. Okay, Olga would be young enough to be a young daughter to the local dancers.

Olga seems nice, and I'd tip her reasonably well in person, but there are others here that I would tip more. At least the lighting seems to be handled better here.
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5 Апрель 2010
Olga is the one of the most "natural" women i've seen on this site.Yes she has a few "flaws", but who dosen't? SO WHAT?!? She is still very hot, looks to be having fun, & a pure joy to watch.

I also like the fact that she keeps her bush,(nicely trimmed), instead of shaving it all off like a barbie doll.

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6 Январь 2018
Natural boobs: yes + 1

Low profile shoes: yes and shoes stay on +1

Barefoot clips: none 0

Special factors:

+1.5 for the energy, red toe polish, long hair, and pokey nipples.
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