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Joined in Июл 2010

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9 Июль 2010
I'll bet this girl had really nice breasts at one time. Why do women continue to eliminate all the fine, perky, small tittie's in the world. Pretty girl, great body, but, I like 'em all natural. Also, what's up with the hair. 8/10 for Zoe. 6/10 for the show
Joined in Дек 2008

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23 Январь 2010
Zoe, I luv ya old and new. Anyway ya like; it's up to you. You're HOT! Period! Thanks!!!
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18 Ноябрь 2009
I have always been looking for her on a lot of sites. She has everything I like about a girl. Long legs slender body nice eyes and a beatiful colour. But noe she did a boobs job. They look awful. Why do girls like her do these things. Her tit were just great and now they are so unnatural. I hate it.
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