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Thank God It's Friday

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Thank God it's Friday and we're about to celebrate the Chinese New Year!

But first of all, let's have a look to the exceptional releases of the week, with FOUR xxx shows:

The Year of Pig!

The 2019 Chinese New Year begins on February 5th! 2019 will be the Year of the Pig.

According to the Asian astrology, your year of birth - and the animal it represents - determines a lot about your personality traits. Pigs have a beautiful personality and are blessed with good fortune in life.

Chinese Slot Machine

What better way to celebrate this new year of fortune that trying your luck? Especially with our slot machine as, unlike casinos' slot machines, you CANNOT lose with this one!

You win discounts or free credits, or both!

The Chinese slot machine has 4 rolls with cards & golden coin + 1 roll with the discount applied to the cards drawn.


You win at least a discount on all the cards of the line. The available discounts are :
If you spin for 1 credit : -5%, -20%, -30%, -50%If you spin for 2 credits: -10%, -20%, -30%, -70%
But that's not all .You can also win REAL credits when you see a Golden Coin on the line :

1 Golden Coin: 1 credit
2 Golden Coins: 5 credits
3 Golden Coins : 50 credits
4 Golden Coins : 1000 credits

And you DOUBLE your gain if you bet 2 credits instead of 1 credit!

Of course, combos are possible. For instance, if you have 2 cards, 2 Golden coins and -50% on your line, then you get 50% off these 2 cards PLUS 5 credits added to your account (or 10 credits if you bet 2 credits)!

Important notices: :

You need istripper v 1.2.180 or above to play the slot machine.You must have at least 1 credit on your account.
Last time, 20 lucky members have earned the jackpot! You may be the next one!

Now, let's have some fun!

Happy Chinese New Year!
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We want your opinion : Quick survey inside!

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Agree with @zzmaskers
Im not a Hentai fan, prefer real women not cartoons. Not interested in VR..
More quality models like the majority in your catalog. I was surprised to come across several loose chicken skin and potmarks (cellulite) models in your catalog. Maybe Its just not my fetish....
I would like to see the return of some props (furniture/rugs/glass) as they seem to break up the monotony of the standard cage/stripper pole.
Agree with @highlander527 on exclusive card issue. Some of these cards were sold/available before some joined. Would like to see them available at a premium.
OK onto the platform improvements Ive Identified from my personal experience. Ive submitted these via tickets and get the standard "I have escalated your ticket to Developer/Marketing" and never get an update or reply. So for the community....
1. Mouse sensitivity control - R/L click with any movement can cause the model to drop from the screen. Tried several mice. Some adjustment the movement requirement for a model to drop or mouse sensitivity setting could resolve.
2. Music - Ability in model controls to skip to the next track in the play list.
3. Model Playback Controls - Ability to skip forward / back 10 seconds would be HUGE. Rather than just replay a clip that may be 6+ minutes long to get back to a scene.

Thank you for considering my ideas in the continued development of your excellent platform.
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My top twelve favorite models? Who are yours?

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My top twelve (order doesn't matter):

1. Leila Mazz: She has good rhythm skills and uses her entire body during her shows. So when I search music for striptease, Leila has the final say-so. 😄

2. Merry Pie: A first-class dancer, she has the power to inflame people's deepest derires.

3. Quinn Lindemann: She is the only one, passionate, sexy, irresistible. Perpetual member of my iStripper Hall of Fame

4. Tracy Smile: All in one: a girl next door, a lovely girlfriend, a sexy bombshell or even a real stripper. Very authentic in every role.

5. Nathaly Cherie: She is definitely my type, long blond hair with curvy body, lovely smile. Only one thing is missing: hair in ponytail.

6. Vanessa Decker: I'm not a huge fan of tattoos, but it doesn't matter, if Vanessa wears them! Beautiful curves, slow dance, outstanding!

7. Izabella: As Aimee Mullins says, "confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can have". Seductive glimpses, sexy lip licking and biting, tempting moves and co. So, warning! Izabella is a professional seducer and she is fully aware of it! But I think, we all love to be seduced...

8. Minori: young, fresh and vibrant, a cute and sexy princess.

9. Ria Sunn: young, fresh, but not so vibrant. However, looking into her mesmerizing eyes is like opening a door to the Heaven.

10. Belle Claire: Just two words: amazing cleavage!!! 😍

11. Valeria: the lovely crazy girl with really unique style.

12. Sybil: gorgeous, well-shaped body and she is good at erotic dance, too. Very exciting...

Sum up, impotant things: sexy smile, flirting and eye contact. Good dance skills are also highly appreciated.
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Why do YOU use Istripper?

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I love iStripper. I used to spend a ridiculous amount of money in strip clubs, so when I saw the ad for “girls dancing on your desktop” I thought it was worth checking out, but I had no illusions that it would replace my expensive habit. That was in 2012, and I have not stepped foot in a strip club since.

Sure, the girls are not right in front of me in the flesh, but I cannot choose what girls might be working at the local club. With iStripper, I hire the girls, and I make the work schedule, and I choose who dances next. And what girls! Totem offers me such an abundance of beautiful women to choose from, and constantly introduces me to new girls, eager to dance for me. The use of the program is FREE, and the one time price to “own” a girl is so reasonable that even if I bought all of them it would not equal a fraction of what I spent on gentlemen’s clubs.

Totem not only adds new girls regularly, but also never stops trying to improve and update the program. Better resolution, interactive girls, a virtual strip club in fullscreen, and the new easy to use operating system. They offer me previews, sample pictures, videos, and other users’ reviews and opinions to help me choose which girls to buy.

I love the “interactive” girls (in small size) so much, that they are constantly dancing at the bottom of my monitor. I change the size and number of the girls to fit with what I am doing on the computer or simply to fit my whimsy. Whenever I get the desire to go to a club, I activate the fullscreen and have my own club with just me and the girls of my choosing dancing for my pleasure.

Totem can’t customize their product precisely to my tastes, but they would have to create 2 million versions to please everyone, completely. The Totem team, Rex, the photographers, the people who make the forum what it is, and the volunteers who moderate it; all work to bring me the best product that they can.

No other program or product on the internet delivers so precisely what they say they are offering. For my money this is one of my favorite hobbies/entertainment from the digital universe, and I can only say: Thank you! I love iStripper.
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Filtering Cards

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I'm working on some rather significant changes to my Playlist Generator. My goal is to make it easier to use. This work was triggered by some suggestions from @ArchFeral in:


One of his comments was that the current filter is too hard to understand. He's right. So, I'm trying to make it better.

First some background. What is now the Playlist generator started as an AppleScript that created an Excel spreadsheet I used to inventory my card collection and search for cards. I wasn't happy with the limitations of the capabilities built into iStripper. Then I decided that I really wanted the ability to add my own tags to cards, and more importantly to clips. So, I created an Access database. At first I created custom queries to find the cards and clips I wanted. Then I created the current tag-based filter logic as a powerful quick-and-dirty solution. Later, based on requests from beta testers I added the ability to filter on continuous variables like rating and playtime, but these were afterthoughts.

As you can see, this all just grew and, until now, I never stood back and asked myself, is there a better way? My initial concept of use was to tag cards and clips as they played and later search my collection based on those tags. Much later I added the ability to tag cards and clips in groups based on other tags. This last was a potential game changer, but I only just realized that. Now that I can tag cards based on a filter, each filter doesn't need to be as complex with regard to selecting cards. Now you can use simple filters to tag cards and use additional filters based on those new tags to get what you want.

Attached is an image of a prototype for a new card filter. This filter works with both the tags and all continuous variables that describe a card. The tags default to OR logic, but you can change the include threshold to the point that it becomes an AND filter. Ranges provide both a greater than and a less than test and are ignored when the field is null.

This form has much more on it than the current filter, but I think it will be easier to use.

Comments and suggestions are encouraged and welcome.